Masterwood K Series CNC

Efficient Nesting

100% Designed & Manufactured in Italy

Available in tables sizes to suit 2400 x 1200 & 3600 x 1800 sheets

Heavy duty gantry structure ensures perfect machining

Automatic tool changer with 8 positions

Drill unit with 10 vertical spindles

Automatic tool length sensor

Windows PC interface linked to Syncro CNC for ease of use

Option of full enclosed safety cover or light barrier system

250m3h vacuum pump for parts hold down

Three pop up, alignment pins

Twin drives on X Axis gantry for perfect alignment

Precision rack and pinion on X & Y Axis coupled with linear bearings guarantees stability & lack of vibrations

Precision pre-loaded ball screw on Z Axis coupled with huge 74mm wide linear bearings guarantees stability & lack of vibrations

Optional automatic loading & unloading system (Version KS)

Simple Programming


Simple to use for beginners or advanced users alike

Designed specifically for Masterwood CNC in house

Quickly create parts either in the factory or in the office (additional key needed)

Easily apply routing, drilling & pocketing with the click of a button

DXF file import for more complex parts

Tool management to quickly add new tools to the mix

Easy parametric programming for simple creation of nest's via Masternest


Minimise Wastage & Optimise Your Panels

Easily create cutting list's with files created in Masterwork

Simple job creation from the office, files can then be transferred to the machine via USB or Network if available

Quickly and easily see amount of panels required and wastage statistics

Masternest minimises material wastage and greatly increases throughput via Automatic Sequence files

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