About Us

Tuckwell Machinery is an Australian family owned and operated business which was formed by Mark Tuckwell.

The company was founded primarily to provide a break-down and repair service to the industry which was sadly lacking.

Mark’s customer’s soon started to ask to purchase machines from him so he could also support them after the sale. This in turn led to the sale of used machinery and soon after, new machinery.

Tuckwell Machinery has grown over the years but the ethos of “Service, Service, Service” still remains as our focal point.

Today we boast a comprehensive range of quality machinery for the Flat Panel, Aluminium & Timber Industries with an excellent team that backs our products 100%.

Whenever you are looking for machinery with the service to go with it, there is one choice – Tuckwell Machinery!

Why Choose Tuckwell Machinery?

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Emergency Break Down Diagnoses & Repairs

Glue Pot Rebuild

Machinery Rebuild

Electrical Repairs

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