OTT TopEdge Edgebander

Industrial Edgebanding

The OTT TopEdge is the ideal solution for large volume manufacturers requiring repeatability, high throughput and maximum versatility.

The OTT TopEdge can be ordered in multiple configurations and can be optioned up with either the Translift Panel Return System or added in to the TransEdge Cell System.

The Patented Combi-Melt system allows for fast and easy processing of EVA & PUR Glue Types and can be configured in a DUO System which allows for instant changing between Glue Type or Colours without removing any of the Glue Stations. Simply press a button and the machine does the rest.

Standard feeding speed is up to 20m/min but with the HIGH SPEED KIT, 25m/min is achievable even when CORNER ROUNDING

The OTT TopEdge is a robust, industrial edgebander designed to go the distance.

Designed & manufactured in Austria to the highest of standards,

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