Zero Glue Line – How To Achieve It?

Thinking About Zero Glue Joint?

Zero Glue Joint has become a very popular phrase over the past few years, everyone is talking about it and everyone wants it. But there are still a lot of myths surrounding this technology and the best way to achieve it.

Most marketing revolves around ‘Laser or Fusion‘ systems, but fact is; very few machines actually run a true Laser unit. This technology is still very costly and is simply out of the reach of the majority of companies.

Another option is the NIR Lamp, this system works no doubt but requires setup of different programs for each manufacturers of edge tape and colours which control the feeding speed and power requirements, not very user friendly in our opinion.

Enter the Air Driven system. This technology utilises a heating lamp with compressed air to activate the reactive layer on the edgetape. There are various names and versions for this system on the market and they are the most common found due to the cost of the system and the relative ease of use. Just about every manufacturer offers their own version of this system now.

Edge tape is another consideration. To achieve the best results you need to use a true Co-Extruded tape where the reactive layer is actually formed in to the tape during manufacture. This tape is of course more expensive than traditional tapes and not available in all colours yet, although the range is growing. It has a minimum order quantity and a shelf life, but this is the only way to achieve the results that are shown in the marketing videos.

Another solution is to have the layer bonded to a standard tape, which unfortunately doesn’t result in the same high level finish provided by co-extruded tapes. This is generally more cost effective and solves the issue of availability, but it is not without compromise.

Many of our clients are asking about this technology, particularly for white gloss materials. A Co-Extruded System will achieve excellent results, but another option is to run two glue pots. One glue pot running white glue for white panels and tapes and a transparent glue for your darker materials. This is a very cost effective solution that we offer on our Bi-Matic edgebanders, change over is done is less than 5 mins and the results are excellent.

We are always striving to bring the best solutions to the market and through Bi-Matic we have all the bases covered. The L-Tec system includes an Air Driven system plus a traditional glue pot with a quick release system.

This gives our clients complete flexibility when it comes to their edgebanding needs. The L-Tec system can be employed for working doors etc and a glue pot with white glue can be used to process your carcass material, additional glue pots can also be supplied for different colours if needed. The Bi-Matic system keeps it simple, to ensure anyone can achieve high end results with minimal setups.

The Bi-Matic L-Tec range covers the Prima, Challenge & Dynamic series. This allows greater access to this technology to give even smaller shops a competitive edge.

For more information on the Bi-Matic range, please click here

So the next time you hear the term Laser, make sure you ask what you are actually being offered because it can be very confusing!


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