Seamless Finishing With OAV

Achieving near ZERO Glue Lines is Easier Than You Think!

The OAV series of edgebander’s has proven very popular here and it’s easy to see why. A full set of finishing units, simple operation and of course backed by Tuckwell Machinery. It doesn’t end there though.

Did you know that each OAV edgebander comes pre-configured with a Quick Change Glue Pot System?

This means you can run WHITE in one tank, CLEAR/NATURAL in a second tank and quickly change between the two when you need to.

The advantages of this are many, but the most important is the improvement in glue line/joint which contributes to a higher quality finish in your work.

By using two glue pot’s you also avoid the exercise of dumping/purging glue to swap colours which means a saving of time but also of glue.

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to achieve near seamless finishing!

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