Tide Design Invest’s in Casolin


Tide Design produces some absolutely stunning furniture in their factory at Huntingdale Victoria

Owner George Harper wanted the best equipment for the job and recently purchased a Casolin Top Star 630 Thicknesser & the ever popular Casolin Astra 400 5 CNC Panel Saw from Tuckwell Machinery. George was kind enough to explain why he chose Casolin below.

“Some years back we contacted Tuckwell Machinery for advice about a second hand Casolin Saw that we had purchased through another dealer. We were impressed by the Casolin saw, and the guys at Tuckwell were so helpful and knowledgeable (in contrast to the other dealer), that when it came time to upgrade to a new thicknesser I had no hesitation in purchasing Casolin through Tuckwell Machinery – even though they were interstate.

“We’re really happy with the quality of the Casolin product and so when it came to upgrade the panel saw, it was Casolin for us again.”

“A top product backed up by a truly customer focused team at Tuckwell.”

George Harper
Tide Design’s

Tide Design is a premier furniture manufacturer based in Victoria, they produce the highest quality furniture around!
If you are looking for a timeless and stylish piece of quality handmade furniture look no further,

check Tide’s website: www.tidedesign.com.au for more information.


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